Kellie Rice

"Poets are the unacknowledged
legislators of the world."
-- Percy Shelley

A Little About Me...

Kellie (Irish/Gaelic): "woman warrior; bright-headed."

I am from a small town in the Santa Cruz Mountains, and growing up in rural California, with countless adventures in the forest waiting just outside my door, has had a large impact on the stories I tell. I wrote and illustrated my first book while in kindergarten and have been writing ever since. My entire life involves stories, whether I'm telling them around a campfire, pouring them into a book, or providing them as the basis of a film in a script, they are constantly swimming in my breast like playful dolphins.

Winning the BEA Festival Feature Screenplay competition in 2009 for Daughters of the Wind opened the door for not only an article in the July/August 2009 issue of Script Magazine, but an ongoing relationship with an agent at Paradigm.

I am currently working on developing a script for a manager at Principal Entertainment to take to the market, and while I've learned not to hold my breath, I am cautiously hopeful about my career.

I've gone a long way from my imaginary adventures in the woods, and yet it is there that I still find peace, solace, and inspiration.

Why Do I Write?

Stories have the ability to stir passions and change opinions faster than any political movement, and films are the most accessible stories of our time. Mythology has greatly influenced me, and as a storyteller, I carry the weight of our ancestors and our unborn. I feel a responsibility to maintain my integrity through the art I create. Speaking of poetry as a metaphor for all writing, I believe Percy Shelley best expresses this sentiment quoted at the top of this page.

My Inner Self

Stargate Fan

"Invading Gar" (background music) by Jon Ehrlich from ROAR

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